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November 9, 2010

For Colored Girls Should Have Stayed on the Stage

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I’ve seen the “For Colored Girls” twice. I must say that I have been very critical of his [Tyler Perry] work over the last few years, however, this film was very good! Just as with any film, there are different liberties the director took that are not always understood by some (not all) of the audience, but in this case I like the artistic liberty of keeping the poetry, and weaving it into the story line.
It reminds me of the movies of old, whose language (monologues) was not always what would have been used or happened in contemporary life (ex. Suddenly Last Summer or more recent Meryl Streep’s rant in The Manchurian Candidate, any musical, …). It’s been a while since a good play has been adapted to the film.

This was solid work in my opinion…
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