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February 9, 2011

Are you a Professional? Are you Single? Are you in the DMV? Check this out!

If there’s anything the Beltway is not short of, it is the amount of Single Professionals (some have even mastered the art of being Professional Singles).  In 2009, Forbes rated Washington DC #5 on its list of Best Cities for Singles and if you just wait till 5:00pm in Metro Center (The subway transfer point for 3 major lines) you will see the hoards of “Professionals” equipped with Ipods, Blackberry’s and books to read while enduring the commute to and from the workplace.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, Professional Singles are asked to put down the books and embrace  an alternative that has been offered.  On Friday February 11th,  Sauciety an American Grill is offering a Professional Singles Mixer.  This is not like your every day networking events, that we all hate and dread going to!  This event is targeting a specific group of people, and could possibly change the lives of a few singles in the future!

For $40 patrons can enjoy; Signature Drinks, the Debut of their new menu, a Dessert Dipping Station, and to top this all off live music by CaShandra J.  a performing artist who is singing all over Washington DC.

But most of all…these Single Professionals will get an opportunity network, lay foundations with, and potentially meet other Single Professionals that might lead to future long lasting relationships.

Doors open at  7pm and by using the promotional code AMyers you will receive an extra $5 off and if you purchase more than 5 tickets, the price drops by $9 dollars! For reservations call 240-766-3640.

PUT DOWN THE BOOK and join us at this event!!!

November 24, 2008

Another Day, Another Dollar…Maybe!

An apartment filled with college students made for a sentimental scene last night.  None of them having a lot of money, all chipped in, and made a meal together.  With term papers being written in one corner, while the game Halo was being played in the other, seeing the camaraderie was simply amazing.  In the kitchen, the “master chef” was making sure the enchiladas were being prepared with the utmost care, for some it was their last dime going into that meal, and he was not going to screw it up.  Outside, a girl expresses her hate for hot dogs.  When questioned about her hatred for the American classic snack, she informed the group of her upbringing, and after being poor, only having that to eat, she detests the food altogether.  A young friend dropped by, which they expected, and his hunger was not ignored.  Last night, I was invited to a meal made from love, made by young people, made from the last some of them had, made to be shared with everyone.  

If you think that the economic downfall has effected only Wall Street, which is all that we hear about on T.V., then you have not even thought about the young professionals, gearing up to hopefully start their careers.  School loans are not paying for enough, more students are working full-time while going to school full time, many students are not returning for the next semester, and the holidays are not looking good for retailers.

Some news you might not have been expecting, will be effecting those young professionals, who’s profession in good times is not always consistent.  The “glamorous” SAG Members  in Los Angeles, may be on the brink of a strike.  “We will now launch a full-scale education campaign in support of a strike-authorization referendum,” SAG said.  If with 75% support from its members, more young and old people who “were” working, will be on strike…and not working.  Someone must ask, where does it stop?

That’s not it!  Hollywood is being impacted in another way as well at the Weinstein Company.  The Weinstein Company is an independent American Film Company founded by Harvey and Bob Weinstein in 2005 after the pair left Miromax Films, which they had co-founded in 1979.  The Weinstein Co. has announced that they are laying off 11% of its staff.  This is not a sign of good things to come for Tinsel Town.  With the homeless on the street growing and visible, many young entertainment professionals are leaving Tinsel Town for Main Street, while others are literally living on the street.

With the Holidays approaching, most young professionals usually pick up seasonal work, that is needed by retailers due to an increase of sales for Christmas.  U.S. sales of apparel, shoes and appliances fell dramatically in the first two weeks of November, as consumers worried about a recession and job losses further cut spending, MasterCard Advisers said in a report.  Not only that, Analysts are predicting the worst holiday sales season in two decades.  As a result, many seasonal jobs have been cut, and are not needed.  Again, the young professional is forced to fall back upon his or her parents, a last resort for some and not a resort for others.

While entering this week of Thanksgiving, I have a feeling that America will be forced to focus on the things in life we have always taken for granted.  Good health for some, family for others, and the gratitude to live in a country, that is not limited by this financial crisis, but gives hope that we can someway pull ourselves out of this situation, and create better opportunities for the future generations.  Lets hope that during future times of Thanksgiving, we will not forget this time we spent together during this crises, and not look at it as just another day off, but look at it with the same appreciation for the little things, that money cannot take a way or replace!

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