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November 17, 2008

So a Donkey and an Elephant have a meeting…

“News as Usual” one of the patrons at a restaurant replied to me this morning after I asked what good was in the paper.  About once a year, California decides to try itself by fire (and we do keep in prayer those who are being negatively effected by the fires), problems are being hashed out in the Op-Eds across America, and of course Thanksgiving is sliding more and more into obscurity as Christmas pops its head out a few weeks earlier than last year. 

Yes, this was a relatively “normal” Monday Morning, but something out of the usual happened.  The President Elect and the Arizona Senator, once competitors for the Executive Office, met this morning in Chicago.  Why, you may ask?  As expressed by the President Elect, “just gonna have a good conversation about how we can do some work together to fix up the country. And also to offer thanks to Sen. McCain for the outstanding service he’s already rendered.”  This is again, a true representation of what our troops have fought for, a democracy where we can have peaceful transfer of power.  Whereas a month ago, these men were holding rallies opposing each others views, today they sat down, and by putting country first they believe that while facing all the problems here in America, with the spirit of “Yes we can!” we Will make a difference.

While admiring the meeting between this Donkey and Elephant, what are these peculiar animals going to do in their respective cages across America.  The Democratic Party readjusting after being the underdog for the last 8 years is now in a position to pass some serious agenda, while the Republican Party is looking for a new captain for the ship that lost seats in the house, senate and the executive office.

I believe now would be a good time for both parties to re-evaluate their messages, to be in tune now with a much more vocal America.  With relatively low voter activity in the past, both parties spoke for the voices they could hear, which was not a majority of America.  As we could see during this election, the Democratic Party had an advantage to connect with the American voter as an option to what has currently been in power, while the Republican Party took for granted their old strongholds and sounded an old battle cry that did not move their party to victory.  One may wonder, how Bob Barr or Ralph Nader did not end up in the Executive Office with the last two options make apparent mistakes over and over again.

Whatever happened to the Whig Party?  The answer to that question, could also be the untimely result of both parties in four to eight years.  If over the next 2 years, Democrats can’t pass legislation that speaks to the needs of people in the middle, and not the far left, while the Republicans are left with the task of re-creating its message that does not appear racist, too conservative, and not entirely based upon abortion, the parties will lose their ability to maintain a national coalition of effective state parties, which will ultimately result in the end and renaming of America’s new initiative being a new party.

With so much riding on the line, how will the American People articulate their wants and needs effectively to the respective parties?  Will the American People stay informed and involved long enough, to force the parties to re-evaluate and appropriately adjust?  

These answers lie in the hands of an elected position often forgotten about.  The Political Party’s County Chairs.  These “locals” hold the power in ensuring that the motivation injected and the foundation laid by both parties during the course of the recent campaign will not lie dormant four more years.  It will be the responsibilities of these County Elected Officials, who may have never been to Washington, or agree with their own party’s in Washington, that will keep everything tame, quiet, and “business as usual” or they will use this opportunity to educate, empower, and evaluate the elected officials sent to represent their counties.  

No matter what, Donkeys can be stubborn, and Elephants never forget, but it seems that if Americans want true results and answers, they’ll have to take a trip to the zoo!

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