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May 13, 2009

Infidelity: To Home, To Party, To Country!


Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth Edwards

Being born in a part of the country where a man’s word was/is his bond, after growing up, the world doesn’t appear nor tend to operate under the same mantra. I can still remember going to “Mr.Franklin’s Hardware Store”, and at this store, or in my opinion a resale shop, a group of men all in their 70’s and 80’s sat around, told stories, swapped antidotes, and made small business deals,all without paper. My grand-father (who’s 96 years old) has taught me that a man’s word and his name will be permanently attached at the hip. We have seen many great men and women fall from their guilded towers, because the public had lost faith in their (the public figure’s) integrity. Infidelity to ones family, political party, and country has been at the center of news subjects over the last few days. It is these topics I shall address today.


Perhaps, we should examine the word Infidelity. One would think that the word “Infidel” would be the root word of infidelity, but it is not. Only within it’s loose definition ( a person who disbelieves or doubts a particular theory, belief, creed, etc.; skeptic.,) can we find a correlation between Infidel “a noun/adjective ” and Infidelity “a verb”; and that is the correlation of disbelieves-creed. Infidelity is a breach of trust or a disloyal act/transgression. It is within this definition that we will continue on within this discussion.

Over the course of the last year, John Edwards (once a celebrated young Senator and Vice Presidential Contender) has been ridiculed by the press and by many Americans due to his infidelity to his wife. Married over 30 years, Former Senator Edwards made the rounds of states announcing his candidacy for president. With a full staff of old and young people who believed in him, he used his charming smile to captivate the hearts of potential voters, before having to convince one last person of his competence. Elizabeth Edwards, who is suffering with terminal cancer, has been promoting her book, “Dilligence”, and speaking out about how this tower of a man is still fighting back to win trust not only with the American People, but with her.

Labeling his infidelity as a “frailty”, she explained in interviews about how this major indiscretion threatened to ruin all of the good that had been wrought within their 3 decades together. Just think, with the country in an economic down-turn, job loss at a record high, and a war still being fought abroad; what would have happened if a then elected John Edwards would have to combat these infidelities to the country, our allies and enemies that are both domestic and abroad. His party and his country would have been dealt a great in justice, at a true time of crisis…a time that should be spent caring for his wife and his family.

Speaking of infidelity to ones party, Vice President Dick Cheney has come to mind recently. Since leaving the Naval Observatory, Mr. Cheney has been a very vocal soundbite, defending the actions of the Bush Administration and staunchly criticizing the actions of the Obama Administration. But out of all things, with an approval rating teetering under 30%, he stated on television that, “I thought Collin Powell had already left the party.” One must ask; at a time when the Republican Party is drifting further and further apart, why would a former VP, who could be using this time/influence to unite his part, re-organize, and get back in touch with the American People, would he make odds with one of the most respected people within his party. After supporting then Candidate Obama, Colin Powell indicated that he believed that the Republican Party had moved away from fundamental values…these principles enacted and supported by the Bush/Cheney Administration, an administration Mr. Powell left in 2004.

Regardless if Cheney feels as if by Mr. Powell slighted him in some way, putting one’s personal agenda ahead of one’s party, will end in horror; just as putting one’s personal agenda in front of one’s country.

Infidelity of one’s country by the members of Congress who have been neglecting the public interest of their districts by playing childish partisan politics, has left this country in shambles. The government revised estimates for the long-term solvency of Medicare and Social Security on Tuesday, moving up the date when trust funds for the entitlement programs will run out of money. The Medicare fund for hospital care will be depleted in 2017, two years earlier than government actuaries estimated a year ago. This will be negatively effecting a host of democrats and republicans who live all over the country. The Social Security trust fund wouldn’t be exhausted until 2037, but that is four years earlier than last year’s report predicted. In turn, the neglectful eye of the members of congress, has left the future problems of this country almost impossible to be solved by a future generation, who (judging by the current track record of both Republicans and Democrats) may not have ample resources to offer a solution to these inevitable catastrophe’s.

Arlen Specter switched parties because he didn’t think he could win an election as a Republican. John McCain doesn’t use email and doesn’t know how to use a blackberry. Joe Barton is ready to start using “Clean Coal Technology” right now, and the Speaker of the House of Representative can’t remember what she was told…while serving on an “intelligence committee”! The oldest member of Congress is 91 years old (I bet he won’t be twittering any time soon), and the longest serving member of congress, has been in office longer than the President has been alive. In my opinion…both Democrats and Republicans are “out of touch” with reality, and at this point… and unless the American People stand up and pay attention, we will be creating problems that my grand children might not be able to solve.

Infidelity is a hard reality that we are facing at home, within our political parties, and within our country, but maybe this forefather could shed some light on how we can approach our future:


James Madison

James Madison



“Each generation should be made to bear the burden of its own wars, instead of carrying them on, at the expense of other generations.”

~James Madison  

November 20, 2008

Bailout: Chrysler, Paulson or Cheney? Is this just the beginning?

This week several people have sat before Congress, requesting Bail.  Rep Michael Capuano stated that, “He’s not sure that he trusts them” as he was speaking to the Big 3 auto makers, while Rep. Maxine Waters stated, “I am highly disappointed in you”, when addressing Secretary Paulson, and his “Divorcement” from his original plan in dispersing 350 billion dollars (our money) which was sold to Congress as monies needed to buy up “Toxic Assets”, but this did not happen.  

Everyday I watch Richard Sanchez on CNN, and religiously I see him crafting questions and thoughts based upon the input from people on facebook, myspace and twitter (the latter I’m still trying to figure out!).  Following his lead, I went to the local watering hole and listened to the the “Talk of the Town” regarding national matters.  No one believed that Ford, Chrysler, or GM deserved to be bailed out.  Everyone was pretty well informed that if we do not bail them out now, allowing these companies to go bankrupt and having their books closely examined might be a good thing not only for the companies but also for the consumers.  The tone of “Who’s going to bail me out” rang through as they inquired about the qualification of Secretary Paulson.  I informed them that he worked for Goldman Sachs, and Paulson’s actions was not so different from the way he operated in Goldman Sachs.   As most individual investments of hedge funds (which were handled by his company) are not made public, one can see the pattern created and executed in the way he is not so “in-depth” about his actions and thinking, making most decisions appear sporadic and or misleading.

Listening closely to the conversations, everyone was talking about another matter that has just been hinted on Television.  “Is this just the beginning?” many patrons asked?  Will other companies that heavily impact our lives start rising up and asking for “Bail”?  Will, for instance, GE come before congress and ask help or will the local banks start publishing in the papers that they too are bankrupt?  Burying money was suggested as a solution last night, while one patron joked about investing $1000 into GM first thing in the morning.  One older gentlemen brought up a very interesting point,” Who else from this administration will also be needing bail, but in a different sense?”.

Yesterday,  A Texas judge set the arraignment day for Vice President Dick Cheney, former U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and others named in indictments, accusing them of responsibility for prisoner abuse in a federal detention center.  This Friday, they will not be arrested or anything like that, but they will be arraigned by Judge Manuel Banales.  Cheney has been accused of  “a conflict of interest” because of his influence over the county’s federal immigrant detention center and his substantial holdings in the Vanguard Group, which invests in private prison companies.  The Vanguard Group is a United States Investment Management Company that manages approximately $1.3 trillion in assets.  This “Conflict of Interests”, is just one of many conflict of interests held by many people in the Bush Administration, that has caused either the resignation of, or the non-confirmation of many people tied to or within his political associations.  

“Who will be next?” was the most common question asked of me last night, and I was frankly stumped.  Will we be waiting in January to see the President Elect take office and make history, or will we be waiting to see President Bush along with his administration step down, and perhaps step into the courtroom?  Surely, no other president since Andrew Johnson, who was reported drunk at the inauguration, or Aaron Burr who shot and killed Alexander Hamilton, has received so much attention from “Judges and Juries”.  

To say the least, the term “Bail” whether dealing with monies or misdemeanor , does not bode well with the American Public.  The term that seems to resonate with the American people is conviction.  Conviction can be used two separate ways.  The first term of conviction refers to a strongly held belief that is arrived at after considering personal experiences and any external inputs that may have been encountered.  For an example:  It is the Conviction of the American People, that they deserve elected officials who represent their interests, honestly and honorably.  This is a conviction, that seems to have been overlooked by many elected officials not only on Boards and Committees in Washington, but also on Chambers and Councils in Municipal Governments.  Using the term conviction within the parameters of the law refers to a finding that a defendant is guilty of committing a crime.  For an example:   Congress has impeached a sitting Cabinet member before; William Belknap, Ulysses S Grant’s Secretary of War, was impeached in a unanimous vote by the House in 1876 for bribery, but the Senate fell just short of the votes necessary to convict him. 

No matter what, Bail has and will always ring one bell in the American mind, and that bell is money.  Now, if we can only make sure that Congress sets some of the “Bail-out” money aside.  Chrysler might not be the only one who needs it, Cheney, Stevens and Gonzales might need a “Get out of Jail Free” card, and my pockets will be empty when we receive that call at 3am in the morning!

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