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November 13, 2008

Proposition 8: Walking the Fine Line!

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While a majority of Americans were waiting on election results to determine the next President of the United States, residents in California were just as if not more anxious while awaiting the results of a Proposition.  An issue once thought to be settled, was rehashed election night and has led to what some may argue the “Vote that crossed the line”.

Proposition 8 articulates wanting to amend the state constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman.  If that’s not clear enough, the “Official” language of the proposition state, ” Eliminates Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry”.  Whereas many people cried tears of joy on June 16, 2008 as wedding bells rang throughout the state, this euphoria has been short lived.  Marriages are set to stay in place until the final votes are tallied and are certified.  Judging by exit polling and the votes already tallied, a close race will dissolve thousands of marriages throughout the state.

I have often wondered what prompts constiuents to form their opinions when voting regarding their fellow brothers and sisters.  Is this vote based on the outer appearance of their neighbors or the actions that take place in their neighbors private bedrooms.  Race, Sex, and Sexual Preference have often had a strange allurement when people have had to make core decisions: hiring for jobs, educating our youth, caring for our sick,  protecting our country, and finaly the way two consenting adults decide on how the relationship they share will be defined.

After doing some reading, I have become aware that the African-American vote sparked by the presidential election although aided Obama in getting closer to the White House, this vote also added to the redefinition of the house shared by same-sex couples recently married.  One would be surprised that some African-Americans do not consider the rights of homosexuals equal in merit of the rights fought for during the Civil Rights Movement.  As an African-American myself, I find this hard to believe, but I also have encountered many people who still view homosexuality as a choice simply based on who one would chose to be sexually intimate with.  What was very enlightening to me is that the country of South Africa recognizes Same-Sex Marriages, and I bet a lot of African- Americans even realize that it’s being done in the motherland!

In my mind, knowledge is to blame.  Believe it or not, there are many towns across this nation that boast to be 100% gay free.  I can remember the harassment one of my classmates received when it was assumed and/or believed the he was homosexual.  Small cities have used the term GAY as a negative brand of shame, scarring millions of young men and women causing them to either, straighten up and fly right or to simply end it all by dying physically, mentally, or shutting down emotionally.  Year after year, seniors graduate from their high schools, still unsure of who they are sexually, or fully aware that their happiness will never be respected by their families, and now for those in California, recognized by the state.

Some of the biggest supporters of this proposition were sects of the church.  In New York on yesterday, protesters marched on the Mormon Church, displaying their disagreement of that church’s support of this proposition.  How church’s get themselves involved in these things, one will never know, but let’s be very clear; basing public policy upon what is and what is not accepted in the church is not what I understand this country or the church to stand for.  Jesus stated two truths that directly relate to his topic.  The first was to  “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar, and render to God what is God’s”, this statement ends all arguments, that a christian must choose between his church and his state.  Our, and yes I am a born again christian, belief is personal and can only be displayed by our personal lifestyles, not the implementation of our lifestyles translated through policy onto other people.  His second statement instructed that “What is done to the least of mine, is also done to me”.  This second statement, for Christians, should be a “reality check”, something that keeps us meek, humble, and definitely non-judgemental of anyone we do not understand or agree with.  Again, some major supporters of this Proposition were sects of the church.

Walking the fine line of defining faith and family, I can only offer this remedy which is fact.  Homosexuality is nothing to fear, and is not contagious, and when writing those famous words, “All men are created equal”, I am almost certain it did not exclude homosexuals.  To those homosexuals who’s lives are being negatively affected by this, I urge you to go and speak to those pastors in the small rural town in California.  Answer their questions, visit their homes, you may be the only homosexual they have ever met.  And to the churches remember:  God Saves Souls…not Sex!


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