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May 8, 2009

“Let Me Make Myself Perfectly Clear”: I’ll never tell!


Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

The Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is a coveted position by many politicians. Landmarks around Washington and the United States have been built to honor these great politicians of old. Hailed for their abilities to turn ideas into law, to craft and implement policies, to keep their party’s in check and voting along the proper lines; this role is an important and influential role that can influence the laws that are passed, and the policies that are implemented. Third in line for the presidency if anything unfortunate happens, one must be careful of who fills this position, and parties select as carefully as possible when electing the Speaker to articulate their voices.


In years past, we have had some Mice (Howell Cobb, who led the secessionist movement, and is considered to be one of the founders of the Confederacy) and Titans (Joseph Cannon, who was on the first cover of Time Magazine on his last day in office) who have banged that powerful gavel. A little unknown fact about this position is that one does not have to be serving in the House of Representatives to be elected to this position (which I at times believe would be a commodity). Also, it is not often seen, that one is elected to this position within his/her first session; but this has happened before in the past, and the gentleman who filled this position partly crafted the role as Speaker into what it is known to be today. Henry Clay laid the framework to this the role as Speaker of the House as we know it. Followed by Joseph Cannon and Sam Rayburn, the Capitol now boasts a speaker who is a first for this generation, and regardless of politics or party; The First Female Speaker of the House will open doors for many others to follow through.

Nancy Pelosi, D-California, is serving as the Speaker for the 111th Congress of the United States, and as of late, her integrity (along with many others) has been in question. On April 23, Ms. Pelosi told reporters “we were not, and I repeat, were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used.” Rather, she said, she recalled being told by the CIA that the techniques “could be used, but not that they would.” With the growing public’s distaste towards the government’s use of “Water boarding”, fingers have been pointed towards, who knew what, when, and why they not spoke up against it. When asked if they were informed, some members of congress (including Speaker Pelosi) stated that they knew about it, but did no know it was in


In a report released by the CIA, Congressional leaders were briefed in detail about techniques used in the Central Intelligence Agency’s interrogation program. This report displays the most thorough
information the CIA has on dates, locations, and names of all Members of Congress who were briefed by the CIA on enhanced interrogation techniques. According to these documents, Speaker Pelosi (who was, at that time, the highest ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee) was one of the first to know about the techniques.

One question that should be asked now, is if this “Change” and “Transparency” heralded by these representatives towards President Obama, will spill over to the Capitol Building, and into the halls of congress. Regardless of party, the American People, in my mind, are tired of the finger pointing which only covers the truth behind the misdeeds performed by those sent to represent us. When and where will this be stopped.

 While, in this case, Republican members of congress have taken this opportunity to pounce on the Speaker, and stated last month that congress was informed early on about these techniques; these same Republicans were unable to go further on and state that these techniques were not procedures that adequately or respectively represent the United States of America…all except one (and it wasn’t Arlen Specter).

John McCain and Barack Obama DO agree on this statement….Torture (in any form) is Wrong! As he stated in Newsweek, “Our commitment to basic humanitarian values affects–in part–the willingness of other nations to do the same. Mistreatment of enemy prisoners endangers our own troops who might someday be held captive. “Barack Obama has deemed Water boarding as an unacceptable form of interrogation (or in other words Torture). It is for the safety of our soldiers, currently engaged in battle on foreign soils, and it is to uphold our agreement with the UN, that we do not torture. Regardless of how we feel the “enemy” would deal with Americans as captives; The American Government gave its word to the United Nations and to its people that it would not engage in torture. To utilize these vile techniques, will further ruin the integrity of this country…in which faith is currently being restored day by day.

Still waiting for the Republican Party to find its voice, and waiting for the Democrats in Congress to show bi-partisanship; The American People need a CLEAR answer from both parties, and these answers should be congruent with the agreement we signed with the United Nations.

Nonetheless, we as a nation can make it through this period, and the words from a former Speaker of the House might just help us see the way:


Our country–whether bounded by the St. John’s and the Sabine, or however otherwise bounded or described, and be the measurements more or less;–still our country, to be cherished in all our hearts, and to be defended by all our hands. 

Robert Charles Winthrop

Robert Charles Winthrop


  1. This was an excellent read, I posted something on this last night. You have a very interesting site.

    Comment by jcscuba — May 9, 2009 @ 12:37 am | Reply

  2. Interesting that points the finger at a woman with power. The newest/latest is that Sen Graham of FL was also briefed however he claims as did Nancy Peolsi that the issue of specific acts of torture aka enhanced interrogation techniques were never brought to his attention either presenting the interesting possibility that one side is fabricating a reality which obfuscates the facts that acts of torture, war crimes were committed and we committed.

    It is written that all things conditioned are impermanent – it would be to our benefit as a society to accept our responsibility for the atrocities that occured in “our” name and hold those accountable who ordered as well as those who carried out the orders of torture and even those who supported it with their tax dollars.

    Get the picture if we’re all in this lifetime together seems logical that we are all responsible for the acts and consequences that follow to varying degrees of involvement and unless someone can document his/her written objections to the crimes against peace which began well before the acts of torture.

    Well somebody has to pay for the reconstruction. Maybe when tax payers start having to pay more money for the excesses of their empire things will change but for now we have that rare and perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity as a society to right a wrong and in the process lead by way of example or follow the same path into the inevitable abyss.

    At the end of the day without an invasion of Iraq there is no torture at Guantanemo exported to Iraq that’s the connection that used torture to extablish a connection between al-Qaeda and Iraq on 9/11. If Nancy Pelosi is to be held accountable for anything it’s her “impeachment is off the table” because by then she knew high crimes and misdemeanors were committed.

    And at the end of the day if we do not hold those accountable who were in the position to issue such orders we will have lost that opportunity to be in reality that which we claim with our rhetoric – a nation of laws.

    As for the Republican Party of today – it has no relevence to the political discourse of the 21st Century – it’s only a matter of time before it disappers – I mean these are the people who supported the invasion of Iraq in lockstep – and what solutions they offer are nothing more than the same ideology supported by half truths or out right lies.

    That the press even covers these pathetic politicians and their failed policies surprises me to no end. That’s not news like the previous party in power used to stay “that’s old news’, we’re moving on”. Seems like the role of the press has become to legitimize a two party system and therein lies the problem. At present we have no common goal – we have a society divided by two differing definitions of “our common goal” instead of having a common goal and more than two political parties offering their solutions as to how best to achieve “our common goal”. I suggest a reality that matches the rhetoric of the “common goals” we think we share.

    Got carried away – thanks for provoking the rant.


    Comment by Yova — May 11, 2009 @ 8:56 pm | Reply

  3. aaron,

    What is the name of your other web site. I think i put the wrong address done.


    Comment by Dick Keane — May 29, 2009 @ 11:45 pm | Reply

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