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November 14, 2008

Where There’s Bail, There’s A Crime!

Every day a journey is started across this great country we call America.  Cars are loaded with suite cases and personal valuables, packed to equip dream seekers in making those dreams a reality.  With degrees in hand, degrees in mind, or street knowledge ready to be recalled, Americans leave their comfort zones moving to cities they’ve never visited, investing their beings into making the American Dream a reality.  Despite the failing economy of the last eight years, people have stilled embraced the concept that in America, dreams can come true because we support a government that is emplace to empower and advance its people if they hold true to three values:  Work, Save, Spend Wisely.

While Dream seekers daily get on the road at the crack of dawn, they typically cross paths with the “Dashers”, who also rose at dawn, going back to what home they have left, because their dreams have been dashed.  These people have made a faithful and consistent journey over the last eight years, as a result left confused and bewildered.  The same core values of work, save, and spend wisely left them tired, broke, and with no other option but to abandon their dreams and or aspirations. 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been immersed with the term “Bail_out”.  The root word of bailout is BAIL.  A common definition of this word states that bail is some form of property deposited or pledged to a court in order to persuade it to release a suspect from jail, on the understanding that the suspect will return for trial or forfeit the bail (and be guilty of the crime of failure to appear).  It is with this definition and no other defination that I will like to discuss today in relation to our current economical situation.  I hope to those who have been negatively effected by the fall of “Main street” will appreciate the few meager words that I type here.

Young Entertainment Professionals who worked 3 jobs, while paying rent in an overpriced apartment in Korea town can now know that they were not completely at fault.  The New Generation Owner of his/her century old family run business can know that you too can not carry the full burden of blame.  The college graduate, who stayed the course and made good grades can now know that his degree choice was wise, and work is on the way.  To that worker who has clocked in for 25 years on the same job, but now cannot afford to live in the same home he’s gone to for 25 years can know that you are not alone, and you are not to blame.  Congress has stated that Bail is needed, and where there’s bail, there’s a crime.

What is the crime?  The crime is allowing representitives to be re-elected into office, while they misrepresent our pocket books.  The crime is of our elected officials allowing soaring gas prices, food prices, retail prices confuse the minds of the American People, causing the feelings of devalue, and low self worth.  The crime is neglecting the task of balancing the budget, while aiding in budget surplus’s in Iraq.  The crime is forcing every young working mother to choose between medicine for her child or rent money.  Make no mistake, there has been a crime committed, because we the American People have just posted bail. 

Now that we’ve posted bail, here’s is a course of action I believe we should collectively take as a people.  Call your Representative, and first give them the scowling of a lifetime.  Yes, on their watch, a crime was committed and they (both Democrats and Republicans) spoke on your behalf, and pulled from your wallets and pocketbooks money to bail the criminals out.  After the scowling, set some demands and expectation’s.  Such as: a.  Knowing how many jobs were lost in your districts b. knowing how many jobs were created in your districts c. knowing what the poverty rate is in your district  d. what are their plans to bring jobs back to your districts and reduce the poverty rate in your districts.

Lastly, let us not rest until those responsible for every dashed hope and lost confidence in the American Dream caused by their lack of responsibility and patriotism, is put into prison, and serving time.  CNN is naming “culprits”, but we want names, along with charges. 

From my understanding, the amount of bail usually correlates the severity of the crime.  Well, any crime that has bail attached over one billion dollars, I believe was not designed to be paid, but designed for time to be served!


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  2. Your title says it all!

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